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If you’re not doing seo, why not? You’re competitors probably are! Like so many businesses, your website makes up a large part of your brand, that go to place that customers visit to find out more about you and your products or service. It’s far too easy these days; no longer do you need to be at home to use the family PC or visit the library to search the internet, people are spontaneous and reach straight for their mobile to “check you out”.

Optimising your website increases your traffic, gives your brand that extra boost and improves site usability. The majority of successful online marketing strategies will boast SEO as its driving force and with the right implementation it will drive your business forward too.

Basically, if your website isn’t ranking too well, is rubbish to use and has the quality of a VHS tape, then there is a good chance that your customers are going somewhere else. And even worse, they are probably heading to one of your competitor’s websites.



The internet is a crowded and hectic place. With millions of websites all competing for your clicks and attention, consumers have the luxury of cherry-picking their favourites. I merge eye catching designs with ux understanding to ensure your website stands out from the crowd.

I know it takes that something extra special to hold your visitors gaze and keep them glued to your website. The fact is, your website has around half a second, less than the blink of an eye to make an impression. It’s an astonishing statistic and always worth remembering.

Your website should be just shy of perfect including the properly chosen typefaces and colourways, to page loading times and pixel loving UX driven responsive layouts. My experience and expertise will result in a lovingly crafted website that showcases your brand, is easy to use and will impress your visitors in a heartbeat.



A super slick brand doesn’t just appear overnight, it must begin somewhere, and it should always begin with you. I like to kick off with a thorough fact-finding mission – an unremitting pursuit to get to the origin of you and your business and what makes it special.

When it comes to your logo, it needs to be the tip of your business spear, the element that has the most impact. It should work hard, fighting off the competition, inspiring all those would-be customers and commanding their loyalty.

One thing to be sure of, there must always be a unique quality about an amazing brand and it must appeal to both the heart and mind of your audience.


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