I also do other stuff when clicking my mouse like design and build websites (not shit ones) and social media growth and engagement.


Enigmatic Welsh/British hybrid, dedicated family man plus SEO Magician and Marketeer, Entrepreneur, Author and Biker, who resides in the lovely town of Colchester, in the UK.

I’ve been involved in digital marketing, customer services, design, and consultancy for the past 15 years. Helping people make the most of their businesses online, from analytics to web design and everything in between.

Supporting both agencies with white labeled services and end users bring ideas to life, I like to cut through all the usual bullshit and just crack on with doing a great job.


If you’re not into the whole seo thing then don’t panic, it’s not a subject of conversation that will get you laid. I like it, but the fact remains, most people pay me to go away when I start talking about it in the pub.

Whether you have no idea what seo is, pretend to know what seo is but are actually clueless, or your an agency looking for a seasoned pro because you fired you seo bod for being a bellend, give me a call. I cut through all the usual sales bullshit and give it to you straight.

Don’t settle for shit seo.


I specialise in growing Twitter and Instagram accounts plus a range of other engagement campaigns across various social media platforms, including Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Facebook. So, if you have no friends and just BO or need to get in the face of a particular audience, click the contact thingy and let’s tête-à-tête.

I can also help you with direct message campaigns and paid advertising.

Social media growth starts at just £99.00 a month and includes research, analysis, and reporting. Don’t panic, I don’t just add a tonne of fake accounts because that’s shit and gets us nowhere.


From simple HTML one-pagers to full on e-commerce systems, I can help you build something pretty that people will like to use.

I don’t do Wix or GoDaddy because they are pants (if Mr or Mrs. Wix/Godaddy are reading this, do one!) plus, people will look at your website and say, “oh look, a shit website”, so don’t even ask.

I’m a WordPress addict and if it’s good enough for NASA (that’s right flat-earthers, I said NASA!!!), then it’s good enough for me.


I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked on some amazing projects and with some amazing people.


Fancy working together?

Please don’t spam me with crap about crap or tell me you’re a prince with a spare $20m dollars that you need to get rid of before your old man finds it.

If you only have a tenner for your project, click the X in the top right corner for further assistance. Or, if you genuinely need my help, send me a nice message so we can arrange a chat 🙂.