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Hey, thats me!
Pete Gore
Some words about me.


Enigmatic Welsh/British hybrid, dedicated family man plus Entrepreneur, Marketeer and Author who resides in the lovely town of Colchester, in the UK. That about sums it up.

SEO / Marketeer

I've been doing this for YEARS and love it! Check out my servies page for more information.


I have a millions ideas on the boil and I am always looking for investors. Think you can help? Get in touch!


From kids books about my little lady and her besties to zombie attackes in Colchester!

Life Lover

I'm a dedicated family man and love my friends, I live on my motorbike as muchh as possible, drink and sometimes swear a little.

My services

About Me

I'm a dedicated family man and love life! I'm easy to get on with and I'm pretty sure most people who know me, will tell you the same. Friends are very important and so is my motorbike, she's called "Suzi".

When it comes to working life, I’ve been involved in digital marketing, customer services and consultancy for the past 15 years, helping people make the most of their businesses online, from analytics to web design and everything in between. I’ve worked on some amazing projects from small local start-ups to large international companies including, Virgin, Slendertone and Hoseasons.

I also write a little, recently releasing my first children’s book “Paper Boats” as part of my new series “Pudney Woods – The Adventures of Luna, Lily and Evie”. You can order Paper Boats on Amazon Kindle. My next release “How Digital Marketing Save My Life” is out May/June 28th.

As an Entrepreneur I have various projects that I am working on, including “Fever Pitch Football”, my new dice based Football game, coming soon to Kickstarter and “Screen Robot” a online magazine that is launching soon.

//How I Work

How I Work

My Working Process

In depth research and analysis, beautiful UX driven website designs and exciting results-focused SEO – all supported by rock-solid foundations. I work with clients to forge long term relationships, ensuring what I do has real impact and return on your investment. Plus 3 is the magic number :-)

  • Discuss & Plan

    Let’s get everything on the table!

    I’ll arrange a video chat, a beer or a cuppa and we’ll talk about your plans and how we can work together to bring your ideas to life. I'll formulate a clear and easy to understand plan, so you know what to expect and we are going to achieve your goals.

  • Develop & Test

    The magic starts and you feel fizzy!

    This is where I’ll retire to may Cave (the bat cave) and begin forging the required pieces for your project. Whether it’s a shiny new logo or research for some awesome SEO, I’ll be balls deep in your project to ensure you get what you deserve, something AMAZING!!!

  • Approve & Launch

    The anticipation is overwhelming, are you ready?

    Once we run through a “SNAG” list or two, and your happy with the result, I'll give your project a final once-over to ensure its 101% and your happy with what you see. Then its time to visit that fizzy feeling again and launch you idea!!!


My Blog / Ranting space

It’s not often but sometimes I like to rant or educate with a blog post. COMING SOON!!!



A genuine top 3 things I need to see or do in my lifetime. If you KNOW you can help, please get in touch.

Proper World Peace

Life elsewhere in the Universe

More sleep


The things I really really want, but don't really need

More sleep (I KNOW!!!)

A decent cinema in Colchester

Cheaper beer

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